Frequently Asked Questions

How Would You Descrive your Style?

My style and approach to photographing weddings is natural, relaxed and unobtrusive. I take a very informal approach to photographing weddings through candid photography whilst keeping formal photographs to a minimum.

I like to provide my clients with a mixture of photographs from their day which includes the details of their venue/s, candid photographs throughout the entire day, a handful of group photographs, bride & groom portraits. 

Do You Offer A Free Consultation

Prior To Booking?

Yes, I do. I think it's important for a couple to meet with their potential photographer prior to booking to make sure that they are a good match. If you would like to meet with me before booking, just let me know, and we can arrange a date.


Consultations usually take place during the evenings due to being booked at weekends, however I know that this may not be convenient for everyone, so I am flexible with this when possible.


All of my consultations are free and there is no obligation to book with me whilst the meeting is taking place. I tend to meet in a neutral venue (such as Starbucks or Costa), to give us all the chance to get to know each other and I also like to bring along sample albums of my work for you to view. 

What Happens After Booking?

Once your booking fee and booking form and have been received, I will confirm your booking. We will then arrange a date to visit your venue to discuss your day in more detail and choose locations for your wedding photographs. If a pre wedding shoot is included in your package we will also arrange a date for this and choose a location. 

I know that people like to keep in touch, and with being out on location a lot, it  isn't always possible for me to answer my phone, but I am always at the end of an email. I understand the importance of communication when it comes to your big day, so I always try to answer any queries as quickly as possible. 

Approximately 4 weeks prior to your big day I will email you to clarify some finer details such as timings, group photo details etc, etc and I will make an schedule for myself and my second photographer to ensure we are in the right place at the right time for you on your day. 

A gentle reminder will be sent out to you  prior to your final balance being due, however this date will be confirmed with you when booking.  

What Services Do You Offer?

I offer:


1. Wedding Photography
2. Wedding Photography & Film


Details of these packages can be found on the "PRICES" section of my website.


Additional options such as groom preparation, pre wedding photo shoots and wedding albums are also available at an additional fee. 

How Do We Book You?

If you have already decided that I'm the photographer for you, simply just pop me an email or fill out the contact form to check if I'm available. Please include the date of your wedding, the time of your ceremony and the name of your wedding venue. I love to hear about everyone's weddings so please feel free to provide as much information as possible. 

Once I have received your date, I then check my diary to see if I am available and get back to you within 48 hours. 


When you have decided to go ahead with your booking, I will send you a booking form to fill in and I also request a

booking fee to secure your booking. The booking fee will be taken off of the overall balance due and secures not only my services as your photographer, but also my second photographer too. 

Are There Any Additional Travel Costs?

A 40 mile round trip is included in your packages at no additional cost, however any additional mileage will be charged at 45p per mile. 


Where there is more than one service included in your wedding package (e.g. videographer) we do always try to travel together when possible, however if this is not possible there may be a travel charge per service.

Do You Have Insurance?

Yes, I do. I am fully insured, so not only is my equipment covered but I also have public liability and indemnity insurance as well.

What is a Pre Wedding Shoot

A Pre Wedding Shoot takes place prior to your wedding day, it is chance for us to catch up and take a few photographs whilst doing so. I will liaise with Clients to choose their location, we will then meet and practice a few poses to help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera before you big day.

Why Do You Have A Second Photographer?

Most of my wedding packages include a second photographer, this is because I like to capture two different view points on your wedding day and not miss a moment. 

My second photographer is able to cover different aspects of your day that I wouldn't be able to with being the main photographer. For example: when I have whisked you away from your guests for an hour to take your first photographs  as newly weds, my second photographer will remain with your guests and capture candid moments of them enjoying your day which you would otherwise miss. 

My second photographer and I work as a team and individually on your day ensuring that you receive the best photographs possible. 

Do We Need To Provide Food For You On

Our Wedding Day? 

If my second photographer and I are booked for half day or full day coverage, we would appreciate it greatly if a small meal and refreshments are provided to help keep our energy levels up. 


Weddings are expensive we are more than happy to have a small bar meal and we are not expecting to eat the same food as you and your guests. Something such as a small sandwich and a bowl of chips never is more than appreciated.

Please liaise with myself if providing a meal for us both, due to food allergies this is to prevent any unnecessary illness on your wedding day. 

Will You Take Any Group Photographs?

Yes, I will, however I do like to keep these to a minimum.

Before your wedding day we will discuss these and make a list of all the group shots you would like. I ask you to allocate at least 30 minutes of your day for these, but no more than 45 minutes. I find people tend to get bored and wonder off if they are stood waiting for group photographs to be taken. I always advise starting with your large group photograph while everyone is in the same area, and then moving on to the smaller group photos.


I do ask you to allocate a family member or friend to help gather the required people for these photographs as it makes it easier and flow quicker than me trying to find "Aunt Daisy" in a large group of people when I don't know what she looks like. 

How Many Photos Will We Recive?

It is difficult to advise of the exact number of photographs you will receive, because every wedding is so very different and not everyone has the same photographic coverage. The amount f photographs you will receive also depends on the wedding package that you choose and also on your guests, whether they are happy having their photographs taken.  

Roughly, on average with full days coverage, you will receive approximately anywhere between 400+ photographs. My aim is always to provide my clients with as many photographs from their day as possible,  however, please be aware that this is not a guaranteed number.


After shooting a wedding, I do go through all of the photographs taken on your wedding day and select the ones which you will receive. I take out any photographs where guests have their eyes closed or any that I consider unflattering. I also do not provide multiple images of the same shot.


Any images which are pulled from your selection are deleted immediately are unavailable for viewing / purchase once this has been done. 

Will All Of My Photographs Be In Colour?

I photograph all weddings in colour, once edited I will provide you with a mixture of both colour and black and white images depending on what suits that particular photograph best.

How Long Until We Can See Our Photos?

I know how excited you are to see your wedding photos, so I tend to provide your with preview to you both within 48 hours of your wedding (where possible - please note that during busy periods this may be longer). Once you have seen this I will then schedule your preview to go live on my Facebook page  for you to share with your friends and family. 


Editing a wedding usually takes around 4-8 weeks, depending on the photographic coverage you choose. I aim to have your online viewing gallery within you between these times however in peek season, this can take a little longer. 


When you book, I will advise roughly how long this will be. 

How Many Photos Will We Receive FromOur Pre Wedding Shoot

It is difficult to advise you of the exact number of photographs you will receive, because every pre wedding shoot is different, however I estimate this to be between 10-20 images. 

After we have met, I go through all of the photographs taken on your pre wedding shoot and select the ones which you will view. I remove any photographs where you or your partner look uncomfortable, have your eyes closed or any that I consider unflattering.  I also do not provide multiple images of the same shot. 

I will then uploaded your images to an online gallery where  you can select your favourites.  


Please note that any images which are pulled from your selection are deleted immediately are unavailable for viewing once this has been done. 

What Is A Print Release Form?

As the photographer, I retain the copyright to all photographs taken.


However, with your wedding package, you will be provided with a print release form. This allows you to print any of the photographs you receive however you would like to, whether this be as prints / canvas /wedding album etc).  Your print release also allows you to print any copies of the images for any of your family members or guests.

What Happens If You Are Ill On Our
Wedding Day?

In the years that I have been photographing weddings, I haven't missed a day yet.

However, if circumstances were to arise and I wasn't able to attend your wedding, I would either ask my second photographer to step up for me and call in another second photographer to assist, or I would help you find another photographer if needed. I am also part of a network of photographers that  cover each in other in case of an emergency. 

I Hate Having My Photo Taken, Is This

A Problem?

No it isn't.  My photography style is very natural and relaxed. So I spend most of your day photographing you without you even knowing it. 

The only times that I will ask you to pose for photographs is during the few group photographs you would like, which will be discussed prior to your day and also during your newly wed portraits.


Your newly wed portraits will take place away from your guests to help you feel more relaxed and I will also guide you through these photos in a very painless and fun way by giving you direction for example: hold hands and walk towards me. 

You will then return to your guests and I will continue to photograph your day as I started, in an unobtrusive way which will ensure that you get to enjoy the time with your family and your guests. 

Will Our Digital Files Be Watermarked?

When you receive your images, you will receive two type of files. One set of files will be for printing (high resolution images) and the other files will be for use on social media sites (low resolution images).


The low resolution images can be used on sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc as these will be watermarked images. It is requested when posting on social media sites that the watermark is visible at all times. 

How Much Editing Will You Do?

Honestly, not that much. I like to keep it simple. I'll remove a blemish here or there, tweak the odd little details and straighten and minimally crop your photographs. I keep my editing very simple.


I do not over edit or heavily photoshop my photographs and I promise I won't edit you to within an inch of your life. I like to provide you with wedding photographs that are a  true reflection of you on your wedding day. 

How Long Until We Receive Our Photos?

I aim to have edited your wedding photographs within 4-8weeks of your wedding date. One they have been edited, I will provide you with your online wedding gallery. It then takes another 1-3 weeks for me to to receive your personalised usb once this has been ordered, however in peek season, this can take a little longer due to high demand. 


I aim to have your digital wedding photographs with you approximatley 8-10 weeks after your wedding date, earlier if possible.