Wedding Suppliers
T&C's Regarding Use Images


If would like to use any of the photographs that Nicki Jones Photography has taken at a wedding you were involved in as a wedding supplier, please read the following information and terms and conditions of use. 

  • Nicki Jones Photography retains the copyright on all images. 

  • Nicki Jones Photography provides a personal use licence to all of their Clients which does not cover commercial use. Clients therefore do not have permission to provide wedding suppliers with any images from their wedding. Permission for use can only be given by Nicki Jones Photography. 

  • Wedding Suppliers DO NOT have permission to crop, edit, add text or apply filters to any photographs provided by Nicki Jones Photography. By doing so this creates an untrue representation of their work. 

To Use Images For Free:

If you would like to use any images provided by Nicki Jones Photography for free online (e.g website, social media etc) you are required to credit Nicki Jones Photography in the relevant post and display images as they are provided. All posts must include a clickable link to either their website or relevant social media page. Please note that sharing a post from one platform to another (for example from Instagram to Facebook) does not always ensure a clickable link. Wedding Suppliers must amend links accordingly. 

To credit Nicki Jones Photography, please use the following information:




If the Wedding Supplier is unable to credit Nicki Jones Photography watermarked images will be provided for the Wedding Supplier to use. 

Paid Use of Images:
To use images taken by Nicki Jones Photography in print (leaflets, flyers, brochures or other promotional material etc) or if you would like to use the images without crediting Nicki Jones Photography a fee of £45.00 per image will be required. If you require more than 5 images, a discount can be applied.

Please be aware that should images be used by a wedding supplier online without crediting Nicki Jones Photography an invoice will be provided as this would then be classed as paid use of images. 

Many thanks,

Nicki Jones Photography​