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Wedding Suppliers
T&C's Regarding Use Images

If we have had the pleasure of working together on a wedding and as a wedding supplier you would like to use any of the photographs that Nicki Jones Photography has taken, please read the following information:

  • Nicki Jones Photography retains the copyright on all images. 

  • Wedding clients do not have permission to provide wedding suppliers with any images from their wedding. Permission for use can only be given by Nicki Jones Photography. 

  • Wedding Suppliers do not have permission to crop, edit, add text or apply filters to any photographs provided by Nicki       Jones Photography. 

To Use Images For Free:

Watermarked images can be provided to the wedding supplier free of charge and it is requested that the images are displayed as provided (please do not crop these or use the square crop function on Instagram).


The wedding supplier must credit Nicki Jones Photography in the relevant post by providing a clickable link to their relevant social media page. Please note that sharing a post from one platform to another (for example from Instagram to Facebook) does not always ensure a clickable link. Wedding Suppliers must amend links accordingly. 


To credit Nicki Jones Photography, please use the following information for the relevant platforms:

To credit Nicki Jones Photography, please use the following information:




By crediting Nicki Jones Photography, this will also give her the opportunity to share the wedding suppliers social media posts to her social media pages, which in turn will create a greater reach for both wedding suppliers. 

Please be aware that should images be used by a wedding supplier online without crediting Nicki Jones Photography an invoice will be provided to the wedding supplier as this would then be classed as paid use of images. 

Paid Use of Images:

Should the wedding supplier prefer not to credit Nicki Jones Photography, un-watermarked images can be provided at a cost of £35.00 for each photograph. Images can then be used for print, brochures or online depending upon what the usage entails. A discount would be applied if purchasing 5 or more images.

Many thanks,

Nicki Jones Photography​


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