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T&C's Regarding Use Images

Hello fellow wedding supplier

If you are reading this, it means we have had the pleasure of working with the same Client for a wedding and you are
interested in using some of the photos I have taken to share and promote your business. So here is what you need to know:

  • Nicki Jones Photography retains the copyright on all images. 

  • When a wedding Client receives their photographs they receive a personal usage licence which does not cover commercial use. If you would like copies of their photographs, to use and share for business purposes, permission needs to come from myself (Nicki Jones Photography)

  • Using professional wedding photographs without the photographers permission is classed as theft.

  • Wedding suppliers do not have permission to edit any photographs provided to them (this includes the use of social media filters).

I'm more than happy to share photographs with suppliers and there are two options for receiving copies of these. You can either receive free copies or copies you pay for - the choice is yours.  So here's what you need to know:



  • When sharing images on social media, it is requested that the wedding supplier provides a credit in the form of a clickable link in the comment of the post on which the image is used and that Nicki Jones Photography is also tagged in the post as well. 

  • The wedding supplier does not edit the image in any way (this includes the use any social media filters).

  • The cropping  of images is allowed if necessary on the basis that consideration is taken when cropping the photograph - however, square cropping is not allowed.  My work represents my business and lets be honest, a bad cropped photo can make it look like I'm a shit photographer which in turn could loose me business.  

  • When sharing images on blog posts or your website it is requested that a credit in the form of a clickable link to my website. 

To credit and tag Nicki Jones Photography, please use the following information:


By crediting and tagging Nicki Jones Photography, this will also allow me the opportunity to share your social media posts, which in turn will create a greater reach for both wedding suppliers. 


Please be aware that should images be used without crediting Nicki Jones Photography an invoice will be provided to the wedding supplier as this would then be classed as paid use of images. 


  • If you would like to use photographs provided by Nicki Jones Photography without having to credit me (such uses can include websites, print, advertisement etc) the cost of each photograph is £35 per image.

  • For 5 photographs or more I will offer a discount, so the bigger the purchase, the lower the cost per photograph. 

  • Please be aware that should images be used by a wedding supplier without the permission of Nicki Jones Photography it is classed as theft and an invoice will be provided to the wedding supplier. 

 I know you've worked really hard for your clients, as have I and I know that importance that images can have and that they really help you to grow your business so I'm more than happy to share! 

Many thanks,

Nicki xxx


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