Pre Wedding Shoots || 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having a Pre Wedding Shoot

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a having a Pre Wedding Shoot

If you have booked your wedding photographer, you may want to consider having a pre wedding shoot. Why? I hear ask you, well here are my main 5 reasons to consider having one.

1. You can get to know your photographer

Before your big day you will have a consultation with your chosen wedding photographer and usually you may only get the chance to meet with them in person once or twice. Having a pre wedding shoot is a great opportunity for you & your partner to really get a feel for how your photographer works, how they take photographs, and what to expect on your wedding day. It will also give you chance to build up a relationship with them, have a catch up about your plans for your big day, talk about how the shoot will be which will ensure you feel at ease with any directions they give you, and it will also give you a chance to just have an all round general chit chat which will ensure you feel at ease having them around.

2 You can get used to being in front of the camera.

If you are nervous about having your photo taken or if like me it causes you great anxiety just at the thought of having your photo taken, a pre wedding shoot will help you feel more comfortable and also confident in front of the camera as it's not everyday you have a photographer following you around taking pictures of you.

The way in which I work captures the more natural moments between you and your partner, and having a pre wedding shoot will allow you time to practice a few key poses which will be used on your wedding day to help with this. These poses also help you feel more comfortable getting up close and personal with your partner in front of the lens, help you feel more familiar with how you interact with each other, and get used to standing closer than you've ever stood. Most importantly, because you will know what to expect on your wedding day, it will feel much more familiar and help you feel much more relaxed. This will allow your photographer capture those all important moments even easier as you won't be worrying about what to expect or do and how your photographer works so it will be a much more enjoyable experience for you both.

3. You can take some time out and have fun with your partner.

I really do believe that in life generally (but also during the wedding planning process) that taking time out to appreciate the person you love is so important. Life can be so busy and what better way to spend an hour or two than taking some time out from every day life to just be together. It’s unlikely that you’ve done something like this together as a couple, documenting your everyday life is just as important as the other milestones in your relationship. Couples these days rarely have more than the odd selfie together, which seems such a shame, this is another reason why a pre wedding shoot is such a lovely thing to do. Plus you’ll get some nice photographs to display in your home too!

4. You can use the images in the future for your Save The Dates

Using beautiful images from your pre-wedding shoot for your Save The Dates is a real personal touch that friends and family will love to receive. Pre wedding shoots are great for capturing those special moments between you and your partner. These shoots always take place on location, and I recommend when thinking about where you would like these to be taken to think about your favourite place, a local park or somewhere that represents you both as a couple. . If you are struggling to think of a location, I can always recommend a few places which are very popular with my couples.

5. You can try out your wedding hair & makeup

From a practical perspective if you are having a hair and make up trial, why not book it for the same day as your pre wedding shoot. You will be able to see how it looks on camera which may be helpful in making some decisions for your big day and will make your pre wedding shoot prep feel that bit extra special.